15th - 17th Nov. 2019 Lucknow, India
Urban Mobility Conference
Accessible and Liveable Cities
November 15-17, 2019
Lucknow, Utter Pradesh

The focus on urban transport in India is relatively recent and largely an outcome of the National Urban Transport Policy 2006 which sought to prioritise mobility of people over vehicles. With an objective to coordinate the research efforts in the areas of urban transport in line with the NUTP recommendations and to effectively disseminate the findings, Urban Mobility Conference is conducted every year by Institute of Urban Transport (India) under the egis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

This year, the Conference will be held at Lucknow from 15th to 17th November 2019. The theme of the Conference is “Accessible and Liveable Cities”. As per the draft program, the following subthemes have been identified for the Technical sessions.
Sub-Theme 1 - Walk the Talk on Walkability Policy
Sub-Theme 2 - Problems for Small and Medium Towns & Introduction of Public Transport Systems
Sub-Theme 3 - Role of State Government in improving City Bus Service
Sub-Theme 4 - Empowering Women through Public Transport
Sub-Theme 5 - Regulatory Issues in Child Friendly Mobility
Sub-Theme 6 - Public Transport: Introduction of Electric Buses – Initiatives and Challenges
Sub-Theme 7 - Clean Air Action Plan: Mitigations in Urban Transport Sector in Reducing Pollution
Sub-Theme 8 - Technology to Leverage Services for Improved Mobility
Papers pertaining to these sub-themes are being invited from experts/ professionals working in the field of urban transport. The papers submitted should be based on case studies and focus on as far as possible on actual projects being implemented on ground. The papers would be shortlisted through a peer review process for presentation at the Conference and may also be considered for publication in IUT journal.

Deadline for submission of full papers is September 15, 2019


Submission should be made online by registering on UMI website at www.urbanmobilityindia.in under the section technical session to submit papers. The maximum word limit is 5000 words.


Ms. Kanika Karla,
Urban Transport Expert
Institute of Urban Transport (India)

E-mail : kanikakarla@iutindia.org / umi@iutindia.org
URL : www.urbanmobilityindia.in

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